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“You can style your hair, but can you grow wings?”
anonymous caterpillar

What we do at Amazing Bugs!

Examine a beetle and marvel at its features.

Engineers take inspiration from the insect world in developing nano-technologies. Learn how and apply the science with your partner. Consider the possibilities for application in civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, industrial, material science, environmental, computer science and aerospace engineering.

And it doesn’t end there. Insects and bugs, large and small, are vital to sustainable agriculture and the incredible diversity of life on Earth.

Outside we will explore habitats and adaptation. Hone your observational skills and record your findings like a true naturalist. Share your discoveries.

Outside, think and act like an insect during games and challenges.

Program leaders

Your lead instructor is engineer, John Aviste. Student to instructor ratio of 7:1 or less.

What, where, when & how much

Watertown, NY
Jefferson Community College (JCC) • in review

● Week-long Monday to Friday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. program
● Limited to 14 children, rising 5th to 9th grade

To register call the college at 315-786-2233. Or call John Aviste at (315) 486-2289.
Scholarships available. Call to inquire.