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  1. Is lunch included in the cost to register? No, however, during registration you may purchase lunch for each session (Massachusetts, Regis College location only). Everyone should bring their own refillable water bottle and favorite snacks for breaks and after care hours. The lunch at Regis includes a choice of sandwich, a whole fruit, cookie and and an all natural drink.A lunch is not necessary for the partial day camps at Jefferson Community College, however, there is a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break, and you should send your child with a snack and drink, and of course, a refillable water bottle.
  2. What safety measures do you have?
    • background checks on staff
    • lead instructors are Red Cross certified in first aid and CPR
    • we do not share food or drink and will respect known allergies
    • strict sign-in and sign-out procedures
    • adopt the emergency procedures of the school hosting a particular program
    • buddy system
    Our first responsibility is the safety of your child. Then comes fun and learning something!
  3. Are all materials included in the cost of camp? Yes.
  4. Are there any scholarships available to defray the cost of a program session? Yes.• three $100 scholarships are available for the Summer Rocket Blast Off at the Gann Academy, Waltham July 31 – August 4
    • one $350 scholarship is available for Bridge Building at Regis College, Weston July 17 – 21Scholarships are based on financial need and your child’s desire in participating. Call John Aviste at (315) 486-2289 for more info.You should also check with your school guidance office. Scholarship opportunities may exist through a local community service organization, an educational foundation, your employer or even a private donor. Another thing you can do is sign-up with our mail list on the top of the homepage. If scholarships did become available, everyone on the list would be notified. Some children like to do extra chores to earn a portion of the cost for a summer session! Public school, home school and youth organizations can have fund raisers.
  5. Do you accommodate home school or youth organizations? Yes. If you represent such a group, you should call about group registration and custom options.
  6. What should my child wear? Ah. Great question! Children should wear weather appropriate, comfortable clothes with lace-up sneakers for outdoor fun. Open-toed footwear like sandals or slip on footwear of any sort are not allowed. Hats and sunscreen are also in order.
  7. Are tablets & cellphones allowed? Yes, however, indiscriminate use is not allowed. So if your child wants to snap a picture during a water rocket launch and share it, no problem!
  8. Are there outdoor activities? Absolutely! In fact, weather permitting, we get outside as much as possible …launching rockets, testing ideas, building bridges, playing an old viking game, hurling with a trebuchet (a kind of catapult) and so on! It all depends on the program, of course. Don’t forget sunscreen and lots of water to drink!
  9. Does participation in one of your programs count for anything academically? Not as school credit per se, however, it is recognized. At the end of a session your child receives a certificate of completion. This should be kept in a file, along with other accomplishments, because it establishes a track record. It may seem too early to be thinking about a portfolio for institutions of higher learning, however, what your child does at an early age, lays a foundation for later study and academic success.
  10. My child has special needs. Will he or she be able to participate in your programs? The best way to answer your questions and concerns is to call us. We are always happy to try and work something out.